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Whilst we offer training at various locations around Australia, we would love to throw in something out of the ordinary ...

Why not think about mixing business with pleasure and take a trip to Tasmania to undertake your training?  Chances are you may have to travel to a location away from your work anyway, so we would love to assist you in enjoying our beautiful island state while you train.

We can assist you with organising accommodation, fly-fishing lessons, some of the award winning golf courses, or point you in the direction of the awesome wine or art trails, national parks or Launceston's famous Cataract Gorge or other attractions.


One of the Tasmanian attractions that tickles our fancy is "The Pub in The Paddock" which features the well-known beer-drinking pig "Priscilla" (for all animal lovers, don't worry she is only allowed special beer which has been watered down and has been inspected by the RSPCA).  She just loves drinking from the stubbie, and is very friendly.

We have provided some links below to assist you with finding out more about some of our beautiful local places and attractions.  Please  contact us via email or phone Robbo on 0417 547 785 to detail your interests and requirements.