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Dangerous Goods Training International has been awarded a 3 year Contract for SELF-PACED Dangerous Goods by Air Training (Refresher) - for RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force).

Caroline Ways and her team has developed this programme which has been adapted for availability to Companies (both Groups and Individuals) and to the Public !!!!!  This training is of high quality and allows the trainee 30 days to complete the training without the need to travel.

The training course has video instruction recorded by Caroline Ways who is very particular about training and was in fact, very anti-self paced at one point until the programme came together.

Dangerous Goods Training International now offers the SELF-PACED Training in Dangerous Goods by Air Initial and Refresher, Dangerous Goods by Sea Initial and Refresher and the ADG (Australian Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail) Awareness.

New courses will be developed early 2018 to include:

DG Radioactive Training

DG Infectious Substances Training

DG Consumer Commodities and Dry Ice and many more.


COMING SOON: Self-paced online training - CASA/IATA DG By Air Training Now Available

We are excited to announce that our self-paced online training is now available for  the following courses: