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DG by Road & Rail Awareness - ADG

DG by Road & Rail Awareness - ADG

DG by Road & Rail Awareness - ADG


The ADG Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail Awareness training is designed to assist companies involved transporting dangerous goods by Road and Rail.

On completion of the training, freight personnel will be able to interpret and apply the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail.

PLEASE BE AWARE, the training is NOT for drivers transporting BULK dangerous goods.

The training includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Classification and Identification of hazardous materials
  • Using the DGL - Numerical Dangerous Goods List
  • Using the ALPHABETICAL Dangerous Goods List
  • Marking and Labelling of Packages including Limited Quantities
  • Packing Instructions 
  • Placarding Requirements
  • Segregation 
  • Documentation
  • Retail Packaging and distribution

DURATION:  approximately 4 hours or till completion

PRICES:  All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

DATES & TIME ZONES:  Please select from the dates available (see above "Add to Cart" button).

To cater for different Australian time zones, please note that

*during Daylight Savings Queensland and WA residents will need to adjust times accordingly.


WHAT YOU WILL NEED FOR YOUR TRAINING: Copy of the ADG Code - This Australian Dangerous Goods Code (edition 7.6) sets out the requirements for transporting dangerous goods by road and rail. We supply a FREE downloadable copy of the regulations.

We provide student workbooks and worksheets.

As this is LIVE ONLINE training, you will also require

• internet connection

• photo ID (needs to be scanned and emailed to us prior to training)

• EITHER desktop computer + microphone + headset (or computer + phone line to call free number)

• OR laptop + microphone + headset (or laptop + phone line to call free number) TRAINING INFORMATION: An email will be forwarded to you with a link for the training. Simply click on the appropriate link for the training and follow the instructions. A toll-free number will be supplied, but it is strongly advised that you use a headset and speakers for the training.

A copy of the workbook will be made available for downloading and it is a requirement that you have a copy available when you join the training sessions. You may print the workbook as many times as you prefer. On completion of each session, we will be completing your workbook and your instructor will be displaying their workbook on screen showing the answers that you should have inserted. There will be time allowed for open discussion with your instructor regarding questions and answers and further clarification should you experience any difficulty in understanding any elements of the training that has been covered. Remember, this training is LIVE, you may ask questions at any time during the training.