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Any employee involved in the Shipping, Handling, Transporting and Storage industries MUST receive Dangerous Goods Training.

Initial training is for anyone who has not received previous training or for employees whose previous training certificate has expired.

Refresher (or  Revalidation) training  MUST take place every 2 years on all courses.  You can only undertake refresher courses if you have undertaken the Initial course previously within the past 2 years.

Who needs to attend training on Dangerous Goods by Air?

  • Shippers and persons undertaking the responsibilities of Shippers
  • Packers of dangerous goods
  • Freight Forwarders involved in processing dangerous goods and/or involved in the handling, storage and loading of cargo or mail
  • Operators (Airlines) and Ground Handling Agents

For a full list of training requirements refer to IATA Regulations 61st Edition - Ref: Table 1.5.A

Penalties for failing to train will result in: 30 penalty points - each point equals $170.00 - 30 x 170 = $5100.00

Who needs to attend training on IMDG Dangerous Goods by Sea?

Employees responsible for the following

  • Classifying dangerous goods
  • Packing
  • Marking, labelling and/or placarding
  • Loading or unloading of Cargo Transport Units
  • Handling
  • Stowage and Segregation
  • Loading and Unloading Dangerous Goods into/from ships
  • Carrying Dangerous Goods

For full information regarding training requirements please refer to IMDG Regulations (2018), Chapter 1.3 - Volume  1.