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Hazardous materials training is a collaborative effort between the employer, employee and trainer, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the employer. 

When you work with Dangerous Goods Training Australia, we become part of your team.  Our job is to create a comprehensive programme that fulfils your responsibility as an employer to either train your entire organisation or a single employee.

Dangerous Goods Training Australia’s computer-based training (online ‘webinars’) are unique in that they are LIVE.  Live ‘webinars’ allow participants to interact with our instructors, ask questions and address concerns. If you have a group of employees requiring training, we offer our online group webinars tailored to your needs and requirements.  

Individual participants can enrol in one of our public online webinars.  Please click on Course Links for dates and more information

If you have a company  with groups of employees requiring hazmat training, Dangerous Goods Training Australia can also present on-site seminars at a location of your choice. Our corporate programmes are tailored to meet your requirements based upon your specific products, internal needs and shipping destinations

All of our course offerings comply with International and Australian dangerous goods and hazardous materials training requirements.

Currently we offer the following training, but more courses will available shortly.

  • CASA/IATA Dangerous Goods by Air
  • IMDG Dangerous Goods by Ocean and Sea
  • ADG Australian Dangerous Goods by Road - Awareness
  • Radioactive Training
  • Dry Ice Training
  • Infectious Substances
  • Consumer Commodities
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness Training

PLEASE NOTE: Students are required to supply their own copy of the appropriate regulations manual. Dangerous Goods Training Australia supplies workbooks, worksheets and exams. You can order your copy of the regulations from one of the sites on our Resources page.